Dr. Drake Dudley

Originally from Pembrokee, Illinois, Dr. Drake Dudley spent much of his adolescence in Memphis,
TN. He lived and attended high school in a socially disadvantaged community.

While in college, Dr.
Dudley noted both a shortage in academic support/ mentor ship programs geared toward students
from similarly underserved backgrounds, and the disproportion in access to healthcare by residents
of those same communities.

This underscores his goal as a co-founder of Project Dream—to provide that structure, support, and guidance to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Studies show that underrepresented students tend to practice in communities similar to their upbringing.

Project Dream hopes to help solve the access issue by improving these students’
knowledge of the healthcare field and increasing their resources, thus improving their chance for success. A graduate of Tennessee State University, Dr. Dudley obtained a doctorate degree in
dentistry from Meharry Medical College. His main area of focus is on improving dental access, with
a strong emphasis on preventative care.

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